Typical Home Builder

EMC Construction Manager

Size: Average Home Builder does less than $300,000+ worth of construction per year. EMC does a total volume of 5 million to 10 million dollars worth of construction per year.
Experience: Average Home Builder has 3-15, years of experience building homes.  Due to limited knowledge, customer does not get benefit of new concepts and techniques. EMC has been in business for 15 years as a general contractor with more than 150 years combined experience with its staff.   Most EMC employees have college degrees in Architecture, Engineering, or Construction Management.
Insurance: Most small builders carry only liability insurance with no workman's compensation, builder's risk or professional liability coverage. EMC carries liability coverage, workman's compensation, and professional liability insurances to protect customers.
Overhead and Profit: Due to small volume of business, 15% to 20% overhead of contractor is applied to actual cost plus profit, costing customer money. EMC charges one construction management fee saving customers thousands of dollars.
Purchasing: Small home builders purchase and finance through lumber yards paying high prices for their materials.  This makes them less competitive. EMC purchases through competitive bidding from major suppliers and negotiates better pricing from subcontractors due to large volume, timely payment and professional coordination on projects.
Interest Expense: Small home builders expect almost weekly payment along with long construction periods.  This means thousands of dollars in additional costs. Due to EMC's credit line with their suppliers and subcontractors, the customer saves thousands of dollars during construction in construction financing costs.
Starting: The start of the project is delayed as the owner tries to receive prices from 2-3 builders over a period of time.  Trying to design at the same time makes comparison impossible. Construction can start right away as all phases of construction are bid and awarded separately.  Concrete foundation can start as soon as size is determined without making all major decisions and choices.
Changes: Changes are difficult to make and the owner ends up paying additional charges and sometimes being at a disadvantage due to adverse relationship with builder. Due to EMC's team approach, EMC negotiates or gets competitive prices from subcontractors, if needed.
Completion: Owner loses control over builders and subcontractors, causing delays, poor workmanship, unexpected costs, and lack of communication. Owner has complete control as EMC is representing the owner with all subcontractors, preventing delays and assuring good workmanship.


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